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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paint Now Mobile v1.30

Paint Now Mobile v1.30 |

Removed the donate dialog when application starts in Current features: * Drawing - Pencil - Rectangle - Circle - Callout - Text Typing - Line - Eye dropper - Stample tool - e.g. for watermarking your image, Stamping icons...etc * Image Editing - Resize - Crop - Convert to B&W; - Convert to Sepia - Rotate Left & Right - Adjust: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation - Filter: Sharpen - File-type Conversion - Undo/Redo * Supported File Type - JPG (By saving JPEG image, you have a possibility to limit image size - good for preparing images for uploading to some WebSite that has file size limitation) - PNG - BMP Know Restriction: - Image Editing is a memory-hungry process. You might not be able to work well with large image with very high resolution. - In case of not enough memory, undo/redo functionality might not work well. - Landscape mode is not supported.

City Garage v1.00

City Garage v1.00 |
City Garage is a Dallas / Fort Worth company. We started with one City Garage in Plano in 1993, and we've grown to 16 locations throughout the Metroplex, so we must be doing something right.

All City Garages are locally owned and operated. We are not a chain. Here are some of the reasons City Garage is the HOMETOWN auto service leader in Dallas / fort Worth.

* Making auto repair hassle free, and you're never pressured.
* You decide what work you want done.
* Ethics beyond reproach.
* All City Garages are AAA Texas Approved Auto Repair facilities, a designation that is hard to achieve and harder to keep.
* ASE Certified Mechanics.
* Nationwide warranty.
* Most of our locations are open 7 days a week.
* Super clean shops.
* Courtesy shuttle service to your job or home.
* We only use national brand parts recommended by manufacturers.

City Garage believes strongly in supporting local causes throughout the Metroplex. City Garage supports or donates to:

* North Texas Food Bank
* Susan G. Komen Foundation
* National Drug & Safety League for Children
* Duncanville Family Outreach
* Special Olympics
* Salvageable Nuggets
* Boy Scouts of America
* Cub Scouts of America
* Colleyville Chamber of Commerce
* Texas Christian University Athletics and 11 public and private schools throughout the Metroplex

With this App you can get

* Maintenance tips and advice
* Find a location nearest you
* Get exclusive coupons and discounts
* City Garage's exclusive Youtube maintenance videos

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Wtec browser v1.00

Wtec browser v1.00 |
A simple and fast browser for your Pocket PC This is the first beta of the browser, so do not hesitate to ask or criticize, to improve the application, this application is freeware and opensource anything send me an email to jonniv2@aol.com. this browser is based on 6.0 poket ie, interface with large buttons and interface improvements facilitated the browsing experience, but is good at 240x320 on 240x240 is a bit small, supports Flash (with appropriate plugin installed) and downloads. Do not hesitate to send emails with doubts Requires Compact Framework 3.5 Enter "http://" before the sites get no errors while browsing, it is necessary during this beta I wish I got a comment on the application.

Requires Compact Framework 3.5, minimum screen size: 240x240, 240x320, 320x240.

F1 2011 Mobile v1.90

F1 2011 Mobile v1.90 |

F1 2011 Mobile has a small memory footprint runs on CF.NET 2.0 and includes:

-Circuit information

-Drivers and Teams
-Pole position
-Update function

Additional information

-Overview 2011
-Add GP events
-Remove GP events

In the following 15 languages:
  • -Bulgarian (Български)
  • -English
  • -Deutsch (German)
  • -Français (French)
  • -Español (Spanish)
  • -Hungarian (Magyar)
  • -Italiano (Italian)
  • -Nederlands (Dutch)
  • -Polski (Polish)
  • -Português-Portugal (Portuguese-Portuguese)
  • -Português-Brasileiro (Portuguese-Brazilian)
  • -Română (Romanian)
  • -Čeština (Czech)
  • -Pусский (Russian)
  • -Slovensko (Slovenian)

MobiNote v2.20

MobiNote v2.20 |
This notebook stores all your notes in small sqlite database. It is allow you to sort, filter, create and delete it quickest way. Optional password protection. Rus/Eng interface.
New features in v2.2
  • +Added: "Open URL" context menu item for Create/Edit note window.

New features in v2.15
  • +Fixed: Broken enable state for "Protected" toolbar button in create/edit note window.

New features in v2.14
  • +Added: toolbar for main window

.Net CF 2

LolaLaterList v0.21

LolaLaterList v0.21 |
Current full feature list:
  • download page list saved to RIL profile (also automatically)
  • open page using many browsers: Opera Mini/Mobile, UC Browser, IE Mobile, uZard Web, Netfront, Iris Browser, Dorothy Browser
  • mark page as read
  • send read pages back to RIL server (also automatically)
  • search through local page list
  • pages can be saved locally Currently it is very basic and only HTML file is saved (but still it is fine for pages I read most often)
  • add page to RIL feature
      Application usage should be quite straightforward - run application, on settings screen give/paste you RIL account credentials, paths to browsers you like (take into account that not all browsers can open locally saved pages) and then just sync. Page can be open/marked/downloaded from context menu available for each item on list. While downloading page is marked with asterisk, when downloaded it is marked with # sign. Page added locally is marked with plus sign.

BattClock v3.62

BattClock v3.62| Read more....
is a simple app that replaces the battery indicator with clock plus percentage battery level

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

WiMoSpeed v1.08

WiMoSpeed |


WiMoSpeed lets you change the CPU-speed. In opposite to other tools, even to the predecessor OverClockTool (OCT), it manipulates the values WM uses for clock control. So it works reliable on battery and AC without any scripting or active components.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angry Birds Adventure v1.00

Angry Birds Adventure v1.00 |
In this side-scrolling action game you play as the Red Bird. Collect the black and white birds and avoid the pigs. If you can collect 100 birds ,you see a happy ending. Only for windows mobile WVGA 800x480 devices. Finally an Angry Birds game comes to windows mobile.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1,6.5 WVGA only 800x480 resolution

Tiny Wings Bounce v1.00

Tiny Wings Bounce v1.00 |
Tiny Wings Bounce you play as the bird who cant fly because he is too fat. However press anywhere on the lower and middle of screen and he can bounce.Collect yellow coins to add time on the timer , collect blue coins to add double yellow coins time to the timer. Windows mobile WVGA 800x480 resolution. For smooth performance turn off othe running apps.


Highscore save to challenge yourself over and over.
Background color changes to reflect time is running out.
Catchy music and sound-effects.

How to play

Tap anywhere on the screen to bounce
If you collect a yellow coin , tap again to do double and triple jumps.

Always Greener Golf GPS v1.10

Always Greener Golf GPS v1.10 |
Slow play is the golfers arch enemy and Always Greener certainly doesn't want to add to the problem. When on the course you need yardages at a glance. Realistically you are not going to use your gps for every shot and therefore we have tried to keep to the essentials. Your not going to find course flyovers, tracking of bets, scores (its quicker with a pencil) and scrolling of google maps. Just yardages quickly when you need them. If you do need a yardage other than the flag you can switch to the map view. To help you quickly get the yardage required we ensure that the entire hole is visible on the map. We have no zoom or scroll function as downloading the extra pieces of the map takes time. As mobile phone screens are longer vertically it makes sense that the hole is rotated to use all the available space. To obtain a yardage at a glance we ensure that the green is always at the top of the screen.

SciLors Chameleon TicTacToe v0.30

SciLors Chameleon TicTacToe v0.30 |
SciLor's Chameleon TicTacToe is a completely Skinable TicTacToe Game (ALPHA STATE!).
It includes three AI's Easy(Random), Normal(Random but Win/Block), Hard(Pre-calculated).

MobiNote v1.11

MobiNote v1.11 |
This notebook stores all your notes in small sqlite database. It is allow you to sort, filter, create and delete it quickest way. Optional password protection. Rus/Eng interface. New features in v1.11 +Added password input prompt after longtime period (5 minutes) of inactivity. *Fixed some interface typos.

.Net CF2

GPS Sport Tracker v1.90

GPS Sport Tracker v1.90 |
GPS Sport Tracker is a FREE small usefull program designed for anyone who enjoys cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking. The software provides realtime statistic like current speed, altitude, distance, etc. and data for post analysis using PC.

GPS Sport Tracker Main Features:

1) Speed (current, average, max.), time to pass 1 km (1 mi)
2) Altitude (current, total up, total down)
3) Distance
4) Heading
5) Metric and imperial units
6) Time, elapsed time, simple lap timer
7) Track view with zoom in, zoom out, center start position, center current position
8) Offline maps, different renders available
9) Elevation profile, points where max speed, max and min altitude were achived
10) GPS signal availability, satellite info, settings for accuracy
11) Simple waypoints, waypoints with a photo, latitude and longitude can be printed on the picture
12) Save track, export track in GPX and KML format. Log is also available when battery dies
13) Loading saved tracks (GST, GPX), using saved tracks as a background track
14) Extended power management, program lock
15) Bearing back to anchor, absolute and relative bearing, anchor alarm
16) Available in several languages
Version 1.9.0

New features:
- Export in KML format

Stick-Shooter BETA v0.10

In this pre-version you have to kill as many of the stick figures as you can. But attention: the stick figures are trying to destroy your home!

In this pre-version you have to kill as many of the stick figures as you can. But attention: the stick figures are trying to destroy your home!
-two gametypes (easy and hard)
Coming features:

-Highscore with online support
-different types of enemys
-different weapons
-more sounds
-more enemys

- Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
- .net CF 3.5
- landscape mode
- only tested with lg ks20 and qvga

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