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Monday, August 31, 2009

Resco Contact Manager v1.0

License: Free
Price: Free

Resco Contact Manager is fully touch-optimized while offering superior tools in order to manage one's contacts. The program allows you to easily navigate, search quickly by letter navigation, view text message conversations in a chat-like view and much more.

Touch Optimized Interface & easy navigation

Forget about your touch pen. Resco Contact manager is fully touch-optimized.

Big buttons in combination with touch scrolling and letter navigation offer easy and fast way to handle all the program features using just one finger.

Photos assigned to contacts serve for better orientation.

Quick search using Keypad

For those who are not identified with touch scrolling program offers fully functional and easy to use Keypad.

Keypad Hot Key:

* One Button on Keypad is reserved for a hot key.
* Pushing it allows you to send an SMS to a predefined recipient, or to make a call to your best friend or ICE.
* Set it in Contacts > Options > Keypad.


Mark those who you call regularly as favorites.

This feature becomes very handy if you have hundred contacts or more.

Today Plugin

This feature simplifies your daily cell phone use.

Do you use Contacts, Messages, Alarm, Bluetooth or WIFI? We’re sure you do.

Today plug-in needs just one finger touch to let you control all of these functions.

SMS Chat and Call History

Do you find searching for a certain SMS time consuming?

Message Chat shows you the history of all SMS between you and your friend in a way you’ll like it. Few finger scrolls get you to the message you need.

Call history uses the same principle.


Statistics keep you in touch with necessary information about missed calls and the length or number of incoming/outgoing calls. SMS statistics are present as well.

Assign photo to a contact

Extremely easy. Click on a contact photo, click on capture, capture an image, edit the image the way you want it to have and confirm.

Photos can be browsed from a directory as well. Face view in contacts dialog offers a truly nice interface.

Just appraise yourself!

SMS and Contacts Export

Do you have important information in your text messages to process?

Export them in csv or xml file for further work. Contacts export is supported too.

Send a Contact

Share contacts with your friends using bluetooth or SMS. Few finger clicks are enough.

CleanRAM 1.7

License: Free
Price: Free

cleanRAM is a very useful tool for Windows Mobile 6+ devices (specially for HTC TouchFLO).

cleanRAM is a memory reclaimer similar to Oxios but with advanced settings and actually works! this applications is specially for diamond/pro devices. Great solution for the Windows Mobile memory leak problem.

cleanRAM attempts to release as much memory as possible without damaging the internal state of the Windows Mobile device. it'll refresh your device RAM.

  • Level 1 - Basic purge only (quick) - Close non-responding tasks without TouchFLO 3D interface
  • Level 2 - Quality Purge - recommended for best performance
  • Level 3 - Fundamental purge (time-consuming) - Reset non-responding tasks and services, maximum clean up!
  • Customized Processes List - Select the processes you wish to clean
  • Schedule - Automatically clean up by schedule feature. Get clean up event at a specific time
  • Exceptions List - Select programs (process) that you want to skip/ignore
  • Backup / Restore - Backup and restore all settings to INI file
  • Settings - Define cleanRAM behavior
  • Multilanguage - select or add a new ini file with your language
Windows Mobile Pocket PC v5.0 - v6.5 (specially for HTC TouchFLO interfaces)

Notepad Mobile v1.6

License: Free
Price: Free

This is a simple and fast-loading text editor for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (and all other text based) files and supports important features like zooming, fullscreen, find-and-replace and many others.

Why use Notepad Mobile?

There are many alternatives of Notepad Mobile. But if you are looking for stable, hassle-free, low on memory usage, fast to load text editor… Notepad Mobile is your answer.
The application has been developed keeping in mind what Microsoft would have done if it designed a Notepad for Mobile. It would also have had been basic, fast to load and pure text editor.

Product Features

  • Open, create and save text files and any other text-based files like HTML files and XML files.
  • Supports cut/copy/paste by right click (tap and hold on text area).
  • Advanced and easy-to-use “Find and Replace” feature with in-line highlighting that is robust and works well with large files.
  • Fullscreen support. More space for editing text than most other editors.
  • Supports zoom-in and zoom-out for better readability or to fit long text.
  • Change between fixed-width and variable-width font styles.
  • Text input area resizes as-per SIP (virtual keyboard) space and available screen size.
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal screen orientation.
  • Easily integrates with “open-with” explorer plug-in, “Send-to” feature of gsFinder and with other file explorers.
  • It is a standalone executable (no installation required.)
  • Extremely light-weight, with minimum memory consumption and comparatively faster to load.
  • Does not “lock” a file while it is being edited.
  • Works with .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or above and is Compatible with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5.
- Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 - DOTNET CF 2.0 or above - Supports all screen resolutions.


License: Free
Price: Free

Along similar lines to S2U2, Cythrelo decided to make Slide2Shutdown. There's nothing special to configure, just install it and go.

3.5 of the .NET Compact Framework

F1 2009 Mobile v2.12

License: Free
Price: Free

Formula 1 2009 information straight on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC

- Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 Pocket PC
- VGA and QVGA portrait support
- .NET CF v2.0

Omega One Dominoes 2.2

License: Free
Price: Free

- Supports all Windows Mobile devices
- Two different games to play
- Customize the games for hours of fun
- Four levels - from "Easy peasy" to "Tough as nails"
- Different full color backgroundsChallenge yourself to this totally addictive version of Dominoes!

Pocket Mindmap 1.3.2

License: Free
Price: Free

Mindmapping is already a well known technique to create and organize complex concepts or to do brainstorming. A computer combines the graphical expressiveness of the Mindmap with the computer's strength to restructure, search, move or copy and paste the content. And software can even do more: Keep track of your tasks associated with the concept, focus on specific topics, filter your topics according to certain attributes or export them to XML, HTML or Text - with Pocket Mindmap you have this strong team of tools always with you - in your Pocket PC.

- Inplace-Editing of topics in map view
- Automatic symbol association based on custom patterns
- Extended functionality in the "Add multiple" dialog
- Import of text files
- Custom file extension filters
- Search and Replace
- New Toolbar in "Add Multiple" dialog.
- Collapse / Expand topics in map view
- Task state inheritance
- "Internal" property of topics; can be suppressed when exporting to HTML, text or bitmap
- Larger scribbles
- Enhanced keyboard support
- Export scribble as bitmap
- Optional use of ClearType(TM) fonts
- Supports the keyword search of the Pocket PC 2002 help.
- Synchronization with Pocket Outlook (Tasks)
- Categories
- Floating texts
- Eagle's View
- Multiple maps in one mindmap
- Rich topic formatting: font, color, symbols
- Outline View / Map View
- Task list
- Export as HTML file or text
- Export a map as bitmap
- Cut/Copy/Paste of topics
- Search (in topic title and text)
- References between topics ("see also", "relation to", etc.)
- Custom references
- Open file format XML
- Navigate by hyperlinks between topics
- Navigate by hyperlinks between documents
- Navigate by maplinks between maps
- History of the selected topics
- Integration in the "New" menu
- MRU (Most recently used files)

Pocket Mechanic v1.6

License: Free
Price: Free

The leading Windows Mobile maintenance utility comes re-loaded with features and tools to keep your mobile device and storage cards in perfect shape. A complete rewrite of the award winning Pocket Mechanic application, the Professional version is faster, more powerful and is compatible with more devices.

Optimize your device and storage for peak performance, clean up system junk and free up precious memory occupied by unwanted files and OS objects, maintain the system integrity and prevent possible problems, ensure your privacy and protect your investments in storage cards and mobile device hardware by using a simple and descriptive user interface yet offering robust arsenal of powerful Pocket PC maintenance tools ? this is what Pocket Mechanic Professional does well.

- Scan and repair storage cards (NEW)
- Relocate software and data (NEW)
- Display detailed storage device information
- Analyze and display file fragmentation
- Defragment entire volumes or individual files
- Defragment RAM (NEW)
- Free RAM (NEW)
- Analyze the storage card slack space
- Logical and low-level storage card format
- Recover bad sectors (NEW)
- Registry cleanup
- Storage device benchmark (NEW)
- Find the largest files on your device
- Find the largest folders on your device
- Find and optionally fix invalid shortcuts
- Clean up notification queue duplicates
- Uninstall applications (NEW)
- Find duplicate files and optionally delete them
- View the contents of the Windows CE database volumes

Electric Pocket Ringo Mobile v1.2

License: Free
Price: Free

- Get new ringtones for your smartphone
- Use MP3 music you already own as your ringtone!
- Change any ringtone quickly and easily
- Set personal ring and message tones for friends
- Set different tones for groups, like Personal and Business
- Easily silence calls from unknown callers
- Personalize your phone, the easy way!
- Proven on Treo, Centro, BlackBerry, Q, Blackjack, Dash, HTC and more...

Omega One Battery Pack Pro v2.11

License: Free
Price: Free


Displays Battery, Memory, Storage Card, Network connection, Time, World Time & backlight data on the today screen. Tap on each section for detailed info. Speaks to you when your battery, memory or storage cards are low. Battery Bar shows battery remaining in hours & minutes, tailored to how you use your Pocket PC.

Launch programs from your today screen. Tab view allows as many program links as you wish. Host other today plug-ins as a tab in Program Bar to save valuable screen real-estate.

Phone Alarm v1.58

License: Free
Price: Free

phoneAlarm is a Today screen plugin - giving you total control over your Windows Mobile Phone. Never miss an important call, SMS or email again. Automatically switch profiles and quickly access Inbox, call history and control the state of bluetooth directly from the Today screen. Optimised for one-handed and in-car use.

phoneAlarm Lite is also available offering all major features with a simplified setup which is suitable for larger installations and low-maintenance!

- Provides repeating alarms on new SMS, Email, missed calls & voice messages
- 7 Custom Phone profiles with manual / time-based automatic switching.
- Alarm notification on weak battery and phone signal (WM 5.0 only)
- Customise sound, volume and options for each alarm type in each profile
- Custom Email / SMS alarms based on subject or sender
- Mute device and phone volume
- Skinnable user interface
- Bluetooth and Flight mode control via profiles (also for Widcomm/Broadcomm stack)
- Auto-profile change on <'ActiveSync'> (Work) and <'Power - no ActiveSync'> (Car)
- 1-hand skin navigation and quick-dialer for last 10 numbers
- Icons provide direct access to Inbox, missed call history etc.
- Task-switcher pop-up to close running applications
- Option to cycle radio (off/on) to change user on dual SIM
- Billing calculation - keep track of your phone costs
- Detailed GPRS volume tracking
- Location-based information (change profile dependent on current location!)
- Call and SMS forwarding support in each profile
- WLAN control via profiles
- Skin rotator element to display actual information
- English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Russian and Chinese user interface
- Supports VGA display

SBSH PocketBreeze v5.0

License: Free
Price: Free


Manage your busy agenda using the all new PocketBreeze, placing your important agenda information directly on your Today screen wrapped with a stylish design that will guarantee a dramatic improvement in your daily productivity!

PocketBreeze is a tab-based Today screen plugin featuring tabs for: Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Messages and Special Events. PocketBreeze brings your most important information directly to your Today screen, making sure you'll never miss an upcoming appointment again! Designed especially for use with mobile devices featuring complete one-hand navigation, modify/create items with intuitive operations, QWERTY keyboard device support, square screen support and much more!

- NEW! Multiple file formats support: Word documents, Excel workbooks, Text files and more
- NEW! MyList integartion! Manage all of your lists directly from PocketBreeze Notes tab!
- NEW! Search panel with D-Pad navigation support for easy note locating
- Manage all your note files in one tab
- Create new notes directly from your Today screen
- Create new notes using templates and convert regular notes to new templates!
- Sort or group notes by: Folder, Progress, Type, Title, Modification and Size
- Filter your notes by folder. Rename and move notes location

SBSH Pocket Weather v1.3.6

License: Free
Price: Free

PocketWeather is the best weather tracking solution for Windows Mobile devices! Featuring a robust weather engine wrapped with a stylish and easy to use interface. Including a customizable Today plug-in that helps you view the weather in multiple locations and the powerful WeatherConsole for advanced weather information with details such as: humidity, wind details, cloud layers, METAR stations information, earthquake details and much more!

Spb Diary 2.2.1

License: Free
Price: Free

Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today plug-in for your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Messages. It enhances Pocket Outlook by gathering all of your PIM information in one place. With Spb Diary, the Today screen will soon become your favorite since you will need to leave it less and less.

- Today plugin for PIM data with tabs
- Calendar tab
- Tasks tab
- Contacts tab with photos
- Notes tab — notes and documents
- Messaging tab — emails & SMS
- Special Events tab — Birthdays and more
- NEW! Custom tab
- One-hand navigation

Omega One 1-pass 1.1

License: Free
Price: Free

had a similar type of locking system on my device, but when i trialled this one it was easier to lock/unlock and has a far superior look to the whole program. I have since purchased it,and am looking forward to the next inovation to join with battery pack & journal bar.Keep up the Good Work.

- Password program you will actually use!
- Fastest ever password entry using innovative hard key password feature
- Shows essential information
- Automatically locks when left unattended
- Lock your device on demand
- Keylock - just like on your mobile phone
- 2 types of password entry
- Use your own picture in the background
- Ideal for corporate deployment
- Supports landscape (320x240)

Macromedia Flash Player 7.0

License: Free
Price: Free

Pocket PC is a popular platform for mobile devices that supports a wide range of multimedia features. Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC enables developers and publishers to quickly and easily deploy rich interactive Flash content and applications for Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2003 devices. Developers can view Flash content within Pocket IE or full-screen using third-party software, or deploy stand-alone Flash applications, which requires the Distribution Kit.

- Web browsing compatibility
- Flash Player 7 support
- Action Script 2 support
- XML socket support
- Web services and SOAP API

Spb Finance 2.6

License: Free
Price: Free

Spb Finance is a financial manager that you can carry in your pocket. You don't have to write down all your day's expenses and transfer them to your desktop PC financial manager later. Enter your expenses into Spb Finance on the spot and forget about them, Spb Finance will remember them for you. Entering a transaction is a two-click business, since Spb Finance has a built-in autocompletion feature.

Do you use Microsoft Money or Quicken at your desktop? Spb Finance has special features for synchronization with these products.

- Powerful Register View
- Advanced reports
- Advanced Today Plug-In
- Budgets
- Customizable Reports
- Instant transaction adding with Spb Finance Entry
- Transactions Scheduling
- Multicurrency Support
- Data Encryption
- Data Backup, Scheduled Backup
- Import/Export (QIF, OFX, CSV, XML, Desktop Excel)
- Synchronization with Microsoft Money (2002 — 2007)
- Synchronization with Intuit Quicken (2003 — 2006)

Theme Generator v2.0

License: Free
Price: Free

Now that you have a Pocket PC 2002, why not personalize it using the new Themes capability? It's super easy to build your own using the Theme Generator PowerToy.

Pocket PC 2002 Themes give you control over the look and feel of your Pocket PC 2002. The Theme Generator allows you to choose the background picture, the start menu graphic, and assign colors to menus, messages, and navigation bars. Once you have created some great themes they can be easily applied. You can also share them with other Pocket PC 2002 owners simply by beaming them to each other.

  • Improved Image Editing
  • More features to modify the background image including sizing, image positioning, and coloring
  • Theme Switcher
  • A today page plug-in that will automatically switch the today theme at a user defined interval
  • Desktop Shell Extensions
  • Allows users to view Pocket PC themes (.tsk files) directly on the desktop

Spb Mobile Shell 2.0

License: Free
Price: Free

I hope that everyone has already use Spb shell v1.5 and knows how interesting it is. Now you will feel more interesting with it such as destop 3D. Try yourself to proof what i say. Easy to use Photo Speed Dial gives you the most pleasant way to dial. In the context menu you can choose a phone number to dial or change the default number.

- The most important information on one screen
- Phone style menu
- Weather forecasts
- Photo speed dial
- World time
- Launcher
- Big dynamic tabs on Today
- Color based themes
- Smart contact search
- Auto-hide mode for Today plug-ins

Realdice Multiplayer Championship Poker Hold'em v1.1

License: Free
Price: Free

Pocket PC & Smartphone Magazine's Poker Game of the Year in both 2005 and 2006. Play mobile Texas Hold'em the way it was meant to be: online against thousands of real players from around the world. Full tables 24/7, ring games, tournaments and multi-table events. Multiplayer Championship Poker is in a league of its own.

- Online Ring games, Sit'n'Go tournaments and Multi-table events
- Spectacular graphics and authentic ten player tables
- Simple, intuitive interface
- Single player quick games and campaign mode with 200 AI opponents
- Live chat and serious competition
- Hall of Fame with updated info on the best online players

Superscape Chesscapade Battle Chess v1.52

License: Free
Price: Free

Chesscapade™ is a fun, action packed next generation chess game featuring groundbreaking 3D battle animations, real-time multi-player gaming across the network and four different play modes from "AI challenge" to "challenge a friend across the network". All pieces are fully animated and taking an opponent's piece turns into a cinematic experience as you watch your side crush the opposition with piece specific animations.

Groundbreaking 3D graphics:

Witness amazing, piece-specific 3D battle animations
Learn with complete 3D tutorials demonstrating the rules of chess
Rotate, tilt and zoom board dynamically during 3D game
Switch between 2D and 3D modes
Download new boards and sets as they become available
Connect your device to your wired PC to:

Take part in real-time, multi-player chess battles over the network
Improve your ranking (based on ELO rating system) and challenge stronger opponents
Buddy list for frequent opponents
Challenge buddies or let Chesscapade pick a similar strength opponent calculated from your server-based ranking.
Send messages and taunts to your opponent in real-time
Customisable message list for taunts

- Chess engine developed by Russian experts in chess strategy and AI.
- Full understanding of the rules of chess including: draw by repetition, 50 move rule, en passant, castling, etc
- 4 different play modes: "One Player" (against the computer AI), "Two Players" (sharing the same device) or against other players in "Challenge a friend" and "Network Automatch" modes
- Ten AI skill levels from Novice to Grandmaster
- Six game modes: bullet, blitz, rapid, standard, world champion, unlimited time
- Practice mode where moves can be taken back and sides can be switched
- Highlighted moves (toggle on/off) and board notation during play
- Ability to replay last completed game
- Load/Save games
- Drag or tap select to move pieces
- Chess clocks
- Move history in chess notation.
- On screen material record (pieces taken).

Spore Cubes Deluxe v1.07

License: Free
Price: Free

Spore Cubes Deluxe is an easy yet addictive puzzle game. The objective is to clear all cubes by selecting same-colored groups of cubes. The game comes with 4 skill levels plus one secret level. Since this is the Deluxe version, you also get Puzzle mode with 15 puzzles, and that's not all! 3 more game modes to keep you challenged! Pusher, Slammer and Squeezer modes will keep you from ever getting bored with Spore Cubes Deluxe. You will enjoy hours of fun with your entire family. Perfect for an on-the-road time waster.

- Addictive "Easy to play / Difficult to master" gameplay
- 4 skill levels*: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane
- Puzzle mode with 15 puzzles (solve predefined cube layouts, each harder than the next)
- 3 new timed modes - see how long you can last:
- Slammer mode: Cubes fall from the sky as you try to survive
- Pusher mode: Rows of cubes pop up from the bottom
- Squeezer mode: The combined onslaught of Slammer and Pusher together
- Full color graphics in full screen 240 x 320 pixels
- Enhanced cube graphics
- Smooth animation
- Sound effects with On/Off toggle

Shanghai Pocket Essentials v1.0

License: Free
Price: Free

Shanghai Pocket Essentials is a modern, solitaire version of the same named ancient oriental game, based on Activision's Shanghai Mah-Jongg series. LandWare has brought the graphics and play options to the handheld platform. Built on a custom engine using standard Activision graphics and layouts, the handheld version brings desktop game performance to your handheld. You can even create your own layouts, up to five levels deep, right on your handheld.

Second Generation Shanghai Gaming
Shanghai now comes to life with its support of the new handheld's high-density 320x320 pixel screen. Rewritten to take advantage of high-resolution graphics, Shanghai's graphic enhancements make title sets incredibly life like. The program faithfully reproduces the beautiful graphics of Activision's original desktop classic.

Classic Mah-Jongg on your Handheld
Shanghai® Pocket Essentials provides you with nine high-quality tile sets. You can switch tile sets at any time by selecting your choice from the preferences. Some tile sets have exact matching pieces, while others (like Mathematics) match through logical pairs (i.e. 8+5, 13).

Over 100 Shanghai Layouts
Choose from over 100 of Activision's standard Shanghai layouts categorized in six groups: Kid Layouts, Quickies Advanced, Quickies Normal, Standard Advanced, Standard Easy, and Standard Normal. Choose a layout yourself or let Shanghai surprise you by randomly selecting the layout for your next game.

Built-in Layout Editor
Want to spin your own layout? You can with the built-in layout editor. Create a new layout from scratch or get a head start by copying one of the many built-in standard Activision layouts. Create your own challenging design simply by tapping on the screen, stacking them up to 5 tiles high.

Four Game Modes/Two Levels of Difficulty
In addition to the standard Shanghai mode (select movable matching pairs) and Contemplation (same rules, but the tiles are face down), you have two additional choices: Path 2D where you can only remove matching pairs that can be connected by a line with two or fewer turn and must be on the same plain, or Path 3D which has the same rules as Path 2D but the tiles can be on any plain.

Are you up to the challenge? Play with 36 unique tiles or simplify things by using only 24 unique tiles. The choice is yours but either way, you're in for hours of fun.

Lingvosoft Dictionary English Turkish v2.6

License: Free
Price: Free


LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2006 Free English<->Turkish for Pocket PC provides bidirectional word translation and English speech synthesis - with a compact and concise database of words and phrases. Featuring 12,000 entries, this is a simple and efficient application, which will provide you with answers to most of your translation questions and immediate practical help when faced with a communication challenge requiring an instant response.

Able to pronounce words in English, the innovative Text-to-Speech feature is built on advanced human voice modeling. Now you no longer need to speak out transcriptions - simply select a word and with a touch of the screen, have your device pronounce it for you.

- Advanced English speech synthesis created with BTS Text-to-Speech technology
- Overview of all dictionary entries in the Main List
- Includes transcriptions for English entries
- All possible translations of a selected word are displayed in the Translations List
- Pronunciation of all listed English words
- English interface
- Integration with LingvoSoft PhraseBook and LigvoSoft FlashCards
- Quick search function: begin typing a word and see it appear on the screen
- Quick reverse translation for proof of correct understanding
- A personal list for word storage: the application stores words you select in the Filtered List providing you with quick access to them
- Search function works for any symbol sequence as entered
- MorphoFinder™ function helps you find source words (headwords) for English past participles, gerunds, plural forms, and adjective forms
- Supports screen rotation and VGA mode 640x480 (hi-resolution) for WM 2003 SE
- Virtual keyboard and VGA mode 640x480 (hi-resolution) support for Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and WM 2003 SE
- Improved documentation and user's manual

Spb Ball Tracker v1.1

License: Free
Price: Free


The Pocket PC version of the track-and-found game. The goal of the game is to guide the ball to the exit gate using the blocks on the field.

- 40 different levels
- Three difficulty modes
- Both stylus and keyboard controls
- Support for all known Pocket PC screen resolutions

Treo 650 Mp3 Ringtones v4.4

License: Free
Price: Free

Ringo provides an easy way to set and change ringtones for your friends and contacts.... Each contact you set up can have a unique MP3 or Midi ring and SMS tone, and their picture shown on screen when they call. You can set fun tones for friends, or gloomy tunes for your boss - the choice is yours!

If you use your Treo's Address Book to organise your contacts, then you'll love Ringo's Caller Groups capabilities... Ringo lets you quickly and easily set a unique ringtone and picture for each category in your Treo's Address Book.

- Add amazing MP3 ringtones to your Treo or Centro
- Set personal ringtones and pictures for your friends
- Set personal message tones for friends
- Set different ringtones for address book groups
- Use your own MP3 music as ringtones
- Choose from 50 free MP3 tones with your Treo!
- Compose new personal ringtones with our unique ringtone mixer

Bshacker Mobile Console Pocket v1.12

The world of hacker games is no longer reserved for the PC platform. A completely new and innovative game has just landed on the PocketPC platform. Experience the unique feeling of being a hacker on the move, int this hacking simulation game.

Stay updated with new information about vulnerable targets, and be the first to hack in, cash in the money, trash the host and run away. Just watch out for the tracer so you won't be traced and continue your job safely.

A complex and intuitive interface, based on excellent graphics, will be your virtual center of operations. You can pause your mission any time, and if you exit, your assets are safely saved and you can continue anytime.

BinaryFish Calc Converter v1.12

License: Free
Price: Free


Programmable scientific calculator and converter all in one. CalcConvert allows you to make calculations and conversions. Data entry can be achieved using the input panel or the user customizable virtual keyboard. Create as many categories as you need, create and export categories for your friends and colleagues to use. Add units to the categories, remove unused units, CalcConvert is fully customizable!

- Fully configurable calculator button. Changeable button color and button action.
- Create, edit, delete, import and export categories.
- 19 pre-installed categories, including all common conversions: currency rates, length, mass, VAT rates, and temperature.
- Create, edit, and delete units.
- Automatically updating currency rates, no more manually inputting of currency rates!
- Use functions to create complex formulas and expressions, i.e. Sin(90)*5^2. Function include: Abs, ACos, ASin, ATan, And, Ans, Cos, CosH, Deg, Date, DateSerial, Day, e, Exp, Fact, Frac, Hour, Int, Ln, Log, Minute, Month, Now, Or, Pi, Rad, Rnd, Round, Second, Second, Sign, Sin, SinH, Sqrt, Tan, TanH, Time, TimeSerial, Week, Xor, Year.

Sea Strike v1.0

License: Free
Price: Free

The popular web game Sea Strike is now available for your Pocket PC. An action packed battle of the sea where you must destroy the enemy while they are trying to destroy you! Avoid the methodical pounding of the depth charges, the seeking enemy submarines, the treacherous mines, and the bombs from above. With a limited air supply, you'll have to refill by catching fish.

- Avoid the methodical pounding of the depth charges
- Hide from seeking enemy submarines
- Beware of treacherous mines
- Evade Bombs from above.
- Limited air supply - you'll have to refill by catching fish.

- StrongARM/XScale/MIPS devices
- Pocket PC 2000
- Pocket PC 2002
- Windows Mobile 2003
- Game Pad on Device

Resco Pocket Radio v1.71

License: Free
Price: Free

Carry your favorite radio stations with you 24 hours a day! Resco Pocket Radio is an internet radio player and recorder that allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations streaming live. Also included are a scheduler for recording radio programs and an extensive list of predefined radios with the most popular stations from all over the world.

- MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format player for internet streaming radio broadcasting
- Extensive lists of radio stations from a wide variety of musical genres
- Convenient skin-enabled user interface with 9 preset buttons for fast radio tuning
- Scheduled recording lets you record broadcasts while you are away

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amortization v2.5

License: Free
Price: Free

Pocket Amortization is a simple loan amortization application. Calculate car notes, mortgages, etc. that also shows the loan schedule. This version has more eye candy with a selector like an iphone selector. This version also, has a help for the loan schedule. Just click in the text box and the iphone style selector appears.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 CF.Net v 3.5

Simple Clock v0.2

License: Free
Price: Free

Just extract it and run the exe on your pocket pc or map it to any of your buttons.
Changes in 0.2 :
- added function to display Operator Name
- Changed Background to Black and Clock to Red
- Added Down Gesture for Exiting
- Now full screen

Windows Mobile 5/6 & 6.1 (tested on WM 6.1, HTC Wizard), .NET CF 2.0

Background for all tabs

License: Free
Price: Free

BACK GROUND FOR ALL TABS for tf3d manila 2.5. As the new manila 2.5 came out with new files names n shit rotastrain decided to make BACKGROUND FOR ALL TABS - the first mod for it!

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

ZLaunchy 0.1 QVGA

License: Free
Price: Free

ZLaunchy is friendly application written by Endorser team mainly for those who like the way Windows Mobile dialer allows searching for contacts in a T9-like way. ZLaunchy performs a search using all items in the Start Menu and also skips showing application icons, which causes it to work faster than similar applications.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

PDAMill Tower Mogul v1.2.1

License: Free
Price: Free


As a tower owner, you will have full control in managing all aspects of your tower. Balance your cash in hand and plan your expenses carefully to be able to advance through the different levels of the game. Make the tower Virts happy because they are the ones who will define your success so be sure to make them happy.

- Over 60 different building units to construct
- Lets you build a commercial, residential or corporate tower
- Various building disasters
- Customizable controls and options
- Save and load your games
- Music by Jaybot7
- In-game tutorial for first time sim players
- In-game battery meter and real-time clock
- Three different game modes
- And many more cool features to keep you glued to your Pocket PC for hours!

Ludimate TileLander

License: Free
Price: Free


Tilelander is a surprising game that can be played as a puzzle or as an action game - it's up to you whether to play in a relaxed mood or with a furious attitude!

Save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling tile areas and using special items such as generators, remote controls and blasts to complete level after level.

- A fun game that can be played as puzzle, with careful thinking behind every move; Or in a furious wipe-them-all urge! It's up to you how to play.
- Addictive gameplay with progressively unlockable levels and four difficulty settings for extra longevity.
- Over 70 delicious levels combining a variety of gameplay, from peaceful tile filling and maze solving to more involved shoot'em'up. And good-humored level names too!
- Refreshing graphics, blending a retro touch with exuberant color gradients.
- Share and compare your High Score online ( at www.Ludimate.com/T ) against other players from all over the world.
- Can be played with the stylus or cursor/joystick: optimized for one-hand use.
- Secure online ordering and Free lifetime software updates.

Fann software Time Biller v3.0.5

License: Free
Price: Free


TimeBiller is a time and billing tracking program. It is designed to work similar to a timesheet application in a typical work environment.

Multiple clients and projects tracking
Expense tracking
Define clients with associated projects, tasks, contacts, and rates
Multiple rates for each client including fixed rate
Customizable view with sort, filter, font size, and colour options
Display entries by day, week, month, or a custom period
Optional duration granularity (minimum duration interval) and break time
Multiple views of data
Time Entry Preview screen
Handy entry copy feature for repetitive tasks for the rest of the week, to a specified date or end date
Track billable, non billable, billed, and paid tasks
Customizable HTML reporting
Export data to CSV or XML for further analysis
Drop lists for efficient data entry
Optional pre-filled drop lists
Create entries using multiple timers
Custom fields for time entry and expense
Support ClearType
Support VGA, square screen, and landscape modes (Windows Mobile 2003 SE or later)
Synchronization with Desktop TimeBiller using ActiveSync

Concentrix v1.0

License: Free
Price: Free

Concentrix is a collection of eight action/puzzle games played on a circular board. You'll have to concentrate on the entire playing area to excel at this challenging game.

- Original game design, not something you've played before.
- Eight games in one great collection!
- Compelling graphics and energizing sound effects.
- Fluid gameplay.
- Online scoreboard, so you can compete with Concentrix players from around the world.
- Record your games and replay them anytime.
- Free lifetime updates!

Cropped Out v1.6

What is the meaning of the mysterious crop circles? ... can you save the EARTH from impending disaster?

This is the fastest and most addictive game yet for the Pocket PC! Incredible sound, slick graphics and crazy particle effects!

- Incredible particle effects
- Dynamic fluid graphics
- Dual game modes - EASY and TIMED
- Swap vertically, horizontally, and NOW diagonally!
- Continuous play! Don't wait for crops to fall!
- 8 unique rotating crop circles
- Watch out for multipliers and alien bonuses
- Explosive stereo sound effects
- Game even includes on-screen Battery Meter!
- 3 different colour skins
- Improved Hints during gameplay

Word Search v1.1.2

A digital version of the classic pen and paper word search puzzle, specially engineered for PDA devices to make solving them even more enjoyable. From its beautiful appearance and easy-to-read letters, to our unique technology that allows you to replay word categories over and over again and always get different sets of words and puzzles, you'll have many hours of word searching pleasure. Word Search features colorful graphics with animated effects, transparencies, and fades. It also has tasteful sound effects and a mute option. You'll love the "Zip Marking" interface where just a quick flick of your PDA stylus is all it takes to mark the words you find. You can view the word list for the current puzzle, and the program automatically crosses off words that you have already found.

It can even show you a hint if you're having trouble finding a word. Word search comes with 18 categories of word lists with titles like "Dem Bones", "Who Let the Dogs Out?", "Fruits and Nuts", and "Box of Crayons". Each category can have hundreds of words to ensure plenty of puzzle variety. But we didn't stop there! It can also be expanded with new categories to keep the experience fresh. (More categories will continue to be developed).

Studio Ore Explorer v1.12

Excellent Puzzle & Action game. Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the world only distributing in forest,desert,iceberg,volcano and outer space. Meanwhile a lot of monster already starting to getting this ore. So Jack got to start his exploration as quick as possible. What will happen? No one can answer this question. Now it's up to you use your intelligence to help Jack finish his exploration. What are you waiting for?Let's start this excellent brain challenge game!

- 60 original levels for brain challenge
- 10 training levels for basic skill
- 5 different game world
- Increasing difficulty of quests
- Bright attractive graphics
- High Quality Music and Sound Effects.

OmniGSoft 3D Mini Dogfight v1.5

You not only can dogfight against computer controlled enemies in single player mode, but also can fight against real opponents over a network or over Pocket PC cradle cable in multiplayer mode.

- Featured with most famous fighters of WWII;
- Significant 3D rendering improvement on Pocket PC with very smooth real-time 3D animation;
- Addictive game playing with realistic air combat experience.
- Firing Cannon with Pocket PC T-PAD is available now.
- Vivid Real-time 3D Rendering & Sophisticated Cameras.
- Breathtaking Air Combat!
- Impressive Natural Sceneries!
- Realistic Physics Simulation!

- Window Mobile Smartphone 2002/03, 5.0 with ARM-compatible CPU

PDAMill Maggot Attack Pinball v1.01

License: Free
Price: Free


Maggot Attack Pinball is our brand new futuristic Pinball game for the Pocket PC.

Maggot Attack gives you the great experience of playing an authentic, state-of-the-art Pinball machine, in addition to tons of extra gameplay
features only possible in a video game, and all in the palm of your hand!

As a hired Mercenary Hunter working for the Federation Army, your job is to eliminate a new breed of Alien Maggots that
are trying to take over the planet, and rack up as many points as possible!

Maggot Attack Pinball features an incredible physics engine, fast-paced action, beautiful graphics and audio, plus the traditional seasoning of PDAmill polish!

- Classic Arcade Design, beefed up with tons of new digital extras
- Authentic flippers, bumpers, slingshots, and more modeled after real pinball machines!
- A superb physics engine giving realistic play
- Awesome Space Alien Hunter graphics, art, and special visual effects!
- Unique Quests to perform and Mini-Games to play, giving you endless hours of playtime
- Smooth gameplay supporting traditional Directional Pad controls and advanced On-screen controls
- Enjoy tons of great sound effects, music and voices tailored to the game
- Highscore List for Alien Hunter bragging rights!

The Island Chronicles v1.2

License: Free
Price: Free

The evil dragon Stynnaferras has taken over the Kalesian archipelago, assisted by her nine children. The Kalesians came to Istandia in search of help. You're their only hope. Build up your character through combat and random events as you explore the Kalesian islands and defeat the evil forces that infest them.

- 4 human and 14 monster classes with which to battle
- 110 different items (swords, bows, amulets, armor, shields, etc.)
- More than 90 original sound effects and audio tracks by Jaybot7
- Random encounters (magic springs, item upgrades, traps, etc.)
- Different boards every time you play
- Earn experience, gold and items by slaying evil monsters
- Unlock and play 10 monster classes, each with unique characteristics
- Choose from Campaigns, Instant Action or the Combat Tutorial
- Book of Legends for saving your high scores
- Eight adventurer savegame slots
- True-VGA-mode compatible
- Support for Windows Mobile 5.0 - v1.1
- Now supports square screen devices (Palm Treo, iPAQ hw65xx, etc.) - v1.2

- Pocket PC with ARM/XScale Processor
- 3MB Storage and 4MB RAM

3D MineSweeper v1.21

License: Free
Price: Free

This is one of the best Minesweeper game available under Smartphone and Pocket PC. Go hunting mines, fruit worms and aliens in colored backgrounds and amazing environments. Three difficulty level and four different themes are waiting for you on this excellent minesweeper!

- 4 backgrounds for more entertainment : Classic, Space Invaders, Fruit and Galaxy
- 3 difficulty levels : easy, intermediate and expert
- Support every screen size (176 x 220, 240 x 240, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 320 x 320, 640 x 480 etc...)
- Multi-language version
- Available on Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PC 5 and 6

King sol Solitaire v2.0

License: Free
Price: Free

King Sol is the most complete collection of solitaire games for the Pocket PC. Packed with 300 different games and a fully customizable interface, you won't run out of games to play with this collection. Includes many variations of Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, and all of your favorites. Detailed instructions and statistics for all games and over 2 billion shuffle combinations for endless gameplay.

- unlimited undo/redo
- save/restore games
- autoplay
- pause
- shuffle number
- and more.

Dynomite Deluxe v2.7

License: Free
Price: Free

Get prehistoric with this dino egg-citing game! Launch dino eggs to solve the puzzle, but watch out for Mama brontosaurus! This handheld game is a spectacular action puzzler for everyone! Dynomite! is our direct licensed conversion of the great PC game from PopCap!

- Superb color graphics!
- Enhanced sounds for those squeaks, stomps and splats
- Aim either by using the stylus or with key controls
- Puzzle and arcade modes to suit frantic or careful players
- Dozens of fiendish levels
- Bonus eggs and effects as you rescue dino-babies!
- Cool and cute effects throughout!

PDAMill Gamebox Gems v2.1

License: Free
Price: Free


GameBox Gems features colorful graphics, tons of visual effects, over 20 minutes of music, and very smooth game play. Everything is tailored to the PDA platform for the best experience possible. Most importantly, the games are fun to play!

- Eight full puzzle games in one neat package
- Increasing difficulty levels
- Colorful graphics spiced up with tons of visual effects
- Very smooth and challenging game play
- Over 20 minutes of original soundtrack and lots of fun sound effects (Music is not available on some Palm OS devices)
- internet synchronized highscores (Only in Pocket PC version)

- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
- Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
- Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
- Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)

Chinese English Dictionary v1.0

Chinese-English Dictionary is the first dictionary for Pocket PC devices running OS version 2002 or later that translates from PinYin Chinese to English. PinYin is the phonetic representation of Chinese words using Latin alphabet. Thus, users of the dictionary no longer need to know the ideographic Chinese writing (Hanzi) of the word in order to find its translation. This makes the Jitterbits Chinese-English Dictionary an indispensable tool for travelers and business visitors to China.

1. Translation from Chinese to English:
- Chinese word look up from PinYin
- Chinese word look up from ideograph (Hanzi)

2. Translation from English to Chinese:
- shows the ideographic Simplified Chinese writing of the word (Hanzi)
- shows the phonetic pronunciation of the word

Software SKTools v3.075

Remember the days when PDAs were simple organizers? We kept phone numbers, appointments, maybe a reminder note or two; those were the days... Well good riddance! I want more power! More options, more ways to dig into my iPAQ and tweak the little sucker till it cries. SKTools is a collection of utilities that can tweak, clean and optimize your Pocket PC in every conceivable manner.