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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SciLors GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v4

SciLors GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v4 |
Price: Free

SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM
is a grooveshark(tm).com music download tool for windows mobile.

SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Quickstart

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Update Description:

Alpha v4(2010-07-18)
-New: Settings dialog, including selection of the download directory and the song renaming patterns(config.xml)
-Enhancement: Better error handling (especially on wrong incoming data)
-Enhancement: Debug tab
-Feature: Popular song search
-Feature: Check by tap on entry
-Feature: Immediately download abortion

Alpha v3(2010-06-23)
-Quickfix: Crash on any search...

Alpha v2(2010-06-23)
-Enhancement: New revision, country fix included ;)
-Fix: Crashes on illegal file characters in track names
-Fix: Language specific characters fixed (letters with circumflexes, points, umlauts etc.)

Alpha v1(2010-05-09)
-Initial Release

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