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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Filmcalculator v6.1

Filmcalculator v6.1 |
Finally a completely new Filmcalculator for Windows Mobile version.

This new version makes use of some advanced techniques to enlarge the screen to a more usable area. Everyscreen scrolls with your fingertips, therefor allowing for more information on the screen. It also helps to make the buttons and controls big enough to use your finger instead of the pen. It is not very convinient on the set to pull the pen out all the time and we hope this is the right solution.

The whole Filmcalculator layout including the controls and sliding screens are an exact copy of the iPhone version because that one proofed to work really well. It also supports landscape mode.

Requirements : WM5-6.x, .NET CF 2.0

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