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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SenseTasks v1.10

SenseTasks v1.10 |
Price: Free

SenseTasks is an application to manage your Outlook Tasks. This application intends to replace the original Windows Mobile task application in terms of functionality, utilizing the SenseSDK to create a HTC Sense Look and Feel.

Many thanks to eboelzner for creating the fantastic SenseSDK!


* Full Outlook/Exchange Synchronization
* Task List View
* Task Agenda View
* Task Details View
* Add Task
* Edit Task
* Delete Task
* Filter
* Sort
* Categories
* Co0kie's Home Tab automatic updating (thanks MichelDiamond!)
* Startup command line parameters (see Readme for more details)

Editable Properties

* Subject
* Completed
* Start Date
* Due Date
* Reminder
* Priority
* Sensitivity
* Description
* Categories


* English
* German

VGA / WVGA / HVGA / QVGA Windows Mobile 6.x .NET Compact Framework v3.5

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