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Monday, February 7, 2011

GETYTV v1.40

GETYTV v1.40 |
Price: Free

Getytv is an advanced YouTube video downloader. It lets you download videos in multiple Formats & Multiple Resolutions.
Whats New ?
* Audio Video Extractor (Now you can breakdown Flv into Audio and Video Parts)
* Deep Search with AI (Now the Video's downloadable sources are decided on runtime by the new Artificial Intelligence functions)
* Search Progression Numbers on Wait Panel.
* Shows all the formats with resolution available for downloading
* Screen Adaptation, Adapts resolution to common screen resolutions to show the controls properly.
* More Stable formats are shown with a (S) in format selection. Prefer them first.
* URL Downloading now have a Paste From Clipboard feature.

Major Bug Fixes
* Fixed File Naming(App. Handled)
* Fixed (Now Prompts if file already exist)
* Blank Format (Included Deep Search to handle this),Multiple Sources are now searched.
* Many Internal Code fixes.

Performance Fixes
* Multithreads are allowed to be in high priority.
* Same video can be downloaded in multiple formats without re-performing server side search.

Known Issues
* Devices with low Ram/Free memory may face little screen hang problems
If its creating big problem then disable deep search from settings however doing so, may not let downloadable sources to be found for some videos. * Cancelling a video while downloading is not allowed in Application handled Method ( Bug in SDK :( )

Recommended Players
* Latest version of Core Player (For Mobile).
* Applian for FLV playing (Computer)(Best for FLV)
* Mplayer/VLC for others (Computer)
High Quality Videos may not work properly on low end mobile devices. If downloading for mobile download small resolutions. Else you can extract Audio & Videos from the Flv file and try them

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

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