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Monday, February 7, 2011

ocAgenda v5.20

ocAgenda v5.20 |
Easier, with many features:
  • - Lock the phone (when you unlock it, you return to the agenda)
  • - Transforming the notes into a checklist (using the [...] category)
  • - Enter a phone number in the note and make a phone call from the agenda
  • - In the "7/14 screen", you can read the summary of a selected day
  • - You can define 5 shortcuts to other applications
  • - (screen 7/14): button PostIt to take notes without deadline
  • - 4 categories can be associated with 4 colors, and you can choose the default color for the other events
  • - Alarms from ocAlarms can be displayed as images. (option)
  • - Display of the number of weeks in the view 7/14 days (option)

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