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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Astraware Tradewinds 2

Astraware Tradewinds 2 | Download
Tradewinds 2™ is the sequel to Tradewinds® - a best-selling game of Far East trade and pirate adventures. Tradewinds 2™ offers players a brand new adventure based in the exotic seas of the Caribbean. Building on the trading fun of the first game, Tradewinds 2™ features 20 all new ports to explore, new ships and weapons to buy and upgrade, new goods to trade in, and a brand new feature - tasks to complete for honor and reward. In each port, the Governor may request the help of your captain - from simple shopping tasks to rescuing fair maidens and defeating dangerous pirates. Elicit help at the Inn, and buy charms and amulets from the trader to help your safe passage to the next port.

  • Over 100 hours of gameplay!
  • 20 Caribbean ports to discover and explore
  • Upgrade your ship and weapons
  • Defeat dangerous pirates in exciting sea battles
  • Complete tasks and missions for honor and reward
  • Windows Mobile® 2003
  • Windows Mobile® 2003SE
  • Windows Mobile® 5
  • Windows Mobile® 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile® 6 Professional

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