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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pocket Strip Pocker - Angel

Pocket Strip Pocker - Angel | Download
Video version Update add-on. Ready for some real bondage action ? Angel is everything but an "Angel"!

Enjoy your favourite Pocket Strippoker 1 models now in FULL MOTION VIDEO in STRIPPOKER 2, The Video Edition !

This package contain a VIDEO VERSION of this popular Pocket Strippoker 1 model. As a FREE BONUS, you also have the choice to install a 3D version of the video's. Watched with 3D glasses (the red and blue glasses used to watch 3D movies) the models will literally jump out of your Pocket PC !

PPC 2002

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Dewi TLL said...

Pocket Strippoker is exciting game to be played in times of leisure.

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