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Monday, July 27, 2009

WordCommands v2.0

WordCommands 2.0 | Download
Do you have a Stowaway Keyboard, or another brand of external keyboard that attaches to your Pocket PC? When you use Pocket Word, you've probably tried to type a document, during which you've pressed Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I out of habit. What happens then? Well...nothing. Pocket Word ignores your command and continues to give you a plain, normally-formatted text that doesn't have Bold, Underlined, or Italicized text like you had asked. Now, however, there's an easy and simple way to do this without doing much of anything that's much different from what you would normally do on your PC's word processor. It's called WordCommands. WordCommands will attach to Pocket Word and intercept those keyboard shortcuts that Word doesn't pay attention to. Then, when it sees that you've typed a key combination, it will send the appropriate message to Pocket Word, which will act as if you've just tapped the correct button or selected the proper menu item. WordCommands is free, and even has a help window that will help you remember all of the combinations it recognizes. Just press Ctrl+H. Would you like to quit Pocket Word and free up some memory? Now there's a quit command, Ctrl+Q, that will even save your work for you. The rest of the recognized commands are:
- Ctrl+H Help File
- Ctrl+B Bold Text
- Ctrl+I Italic Text
- Ctrl+U Underlined Text
- Ctrl+L Left Justification
- Ctrl+E Center Justification
- Ctrl+R Right Justification
- Ctrl+T Bullets
- Ctrl+D Formatting Dialogbox
- Ctrl+P Paragraph Dialogbox
- Ctrl+F Find & Replace
- Ctrl+N New
- Ctrl+Z Undo
- Ctrl+Y Redo
- Ctrl+X Cut
- Ctrl+C Copy
- Ctrl+V Paste
- Ctrl+A Select All
- Ctrl+7 Spell Check (Pocket PC 2002 only, except upgraded iPaqs)
- Ctrl+W Word Count (Pocket PC 2002 only)
- Ctrl+0 Settings
- Ctrl+M Hide SIP Panel
- Ctrl+5 Insert Date
- Ctrl+S Save & Close Document
- Ctrl+Q Save & Quit Pocket Word
- Ctrl+1 Quit Word Commands Download link for Pocket PC 2000 users:

• Pocket PC 2002

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