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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clanger Theremin v1.02

Clanger Theremin 1.02 | Download
With a real Theremin, the user is able to create music by simply moving a hand in the proximity of a radio aerial, this movement effects the tuning of an electrical oscillator circuit, and thus music can be played with nothing more than gestures of the hand. A PocketPC doesn't include the means to replicate the radio circuitry capable of detecting the presence of a hand, but it does include a CPU powerful enough to synthesize the analogue circuitry within a theremins sound generation stage. The Pocket Clanger Theremin is controlled by moving your stylus/finger around on the multicoloured pad with the picture of the Clanger on it:
- Moving horizontally will cause the frequency (pitch) to change.
- Moving vertically will cause the amplitude (volume) to change. With skill and practice there's no reason why you can't become a virtuoso on this peculiar instrument.

• Pocket PC

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