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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pocket Life v2.2

Pocket Life 2.2 | Download
Conway's Game of Life (aka "Life") is a mathematical toy which was discovered in 1970 and has been ported to almost every single kind of computer since then. I could not find a version for the Pocket PC, so I wrote one myself. Before you start to even think about downloading this, it would be best to look at a web site which explains what it is all about. Here is a link to Math.com which explains it all - What is the Game of Life? Also, a Windows version of the program is a good place to start - Life32 is pretty grovy. My Pocket PC version can read and write files using he same format ".lif" files as that windows program. The download contains some of these, but they were too many to include them all. The full selection lifep.zip by Alan Hensel is fun to play with.

• Pocket PC 2002 / WM 2003

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