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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pocket Wanderer v1.0.1

Pocket Wanderer 1.0.1 | Download
Wanderer is a game similar to Boulderdash, Repton, XOR and others. The game consists of a number of screens which must be solved in succession unless you have completed the screen in a previous session. To complete a screen, you must collect all the 'treasure', including all 'baby monsters', and then walk into the 'exit'. Also in the game are arrows, boulders and balloons, which move in different directions, off of one another and slopes, and sometimes through each other. These can sometimes be pushed, but more often than not they block your way to the treasures. By careful manipulation you should be able to make it to the exit after collecting all of the treasure. The 'thingies' can be pushed in any direction by either you or by the boulders, arrows, and balloons. They will remain stationary if not pushed. Points are awarded for collecting treasure or earth or for caging baby monsters or killing big monsters. Also there are points for using the teleport and a bonus for completing the screen. For more details, see the help file that is installed with the game. This was originally an ASCII character game written on a Sun in 1988. This was ported to several operating systems (including DOS, where I found it) in about 1990. This Pocket PC port can still show the original ASCII characters as playing pieces; however I made up some new graphics with some extra features (filling in slopes and edging the stone). The version includes the *60* original screens.

• Pocket PC 2002/WM 2003

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